New Haircolor!!

Me today 🙂 With my new hair colour. 

An Addition To Sisters latest Post…

My darling Mirlinda, thank you for that handsome guys post you just posted. And yes I LOVE Jason Statham. One of the worlds most gorgeous MAN if I may say, but I would like to add another man to your post. The man is TOM HARDY! My god he is Hot! But I don`t even think he needs a suit to look great. In fact he looks better…eh what to h** he looks hot in ANYTHING! Hope you enjoy ladies.!!

Tom Hardy Tom Hardy Takes Breaktom-hardy-cha See what I`m talking about?




Per Your Request! :)

Hello Guys!

On my Last post I asked if any of you had any ideas or requests on what you would like us to post about, we had one blogger who asked if we could write a post about how come we live in two different Countries, and just a little story about us two. That blogger is Bjondina you can click on the link to check out her blog. So I`m going to write a brief story-post about it, and we want to thank her for giving us a suggestion on what you would like us to write about. 

we are actually 5 sisters in our family, me and Vlora (the first sister that started this blog with me) are the ones who mostly burn for fashion and style, so we had thought for a long time about starting a blog, where we could post about things that we like, and just general stuff that goes on in our daily life. So we did it! But unfortunately Vlora felt like she didn`t have the time, now with married life and all to blog. Instead since I am blessed with so many sisters 🙂  I went ahead and asked if our youngest sister Mirlinda, who also has a passion for fashion and style if she wanted to join me. And she gladly accepted the offer. 

I had grown up in Sweden, but moved to USA with my husband and lived there for about 6 years together. There was a moment when we wanted to move closer to family and we moved to Sweden. Where my family lives. We spent two wonderful years there, but felt like USA suited us better, so we moved back. Two years later things took another turn in our life and we suddenly were going to move to Albania!!. A huge, unexpected surprise, and change for us, but we were gladly going to jump on the challenge as the excitement was really big for us.(I guess we were so used to moving, so this wasn`t such a big deal. As some people never get to experience moving. For us it has become “normal” you gotta jump on the ride to experience the fun in life).The move was mostly for business purpose, but we were happy because once again we were going to be closer to our families.

As far as Mirlinda`s concern, she was born in Sweden, and still lives there. We have yet to find out where life is going to take her next 😉

I hope this gives you something to read about us and our story. And if you have more ideas or suggestions, please feel free to ask us to write about it. 

XoXo Besa


Mirlinda, Vlora, Besa


To Dress-y For You?

Here are some more, cute, girly dresses. 🙂

844Hey guys, we hope so far you are enjoying the content of this blog. Maybe not all the time, but most of the time. It`s always appreciated by me and Mirlinda whenever you guys let us know what you think or feel about any of the contents. If there is something that YOU would like to see or read more about, PLEASE let us know! We`ll be glad to post more about your favorite stuff. We inspire you, and you guys definitely inspire us back, to continue with what we do. So ideas, tips, critics, likes, dislikes everything is welcome here! Without it we can`t develop, and get better! 🙂



Girls & Fun!

Here is a photograph of Mirlinda, me, Vlora and our sister-in-law Sahara from last Summer! 4 beautiful, happy ladies that knows how to have fun! 🙂







My sisters style

Mirlinda style!!


xoxo Besa

A Loss and a Gain at 2Sistersoneblog!

My dear friends, I have an announcement to make. There are going to be some changes at the  2sistersoneblog. Vlora is unfortunately not going to be part of the blog anymore, by choice of course. Due to lack of time to blog and simply of other small personal reasons. But since I am blessed with so many sisters Mirlinda who is our youngest sister was more than willing to join me on the blog. So we say goodbye to Lola and Welcome Mirlinda to join the blogging world. We are sorry for the inconvenience, but at the same time I know for sure that the 2sistersoneblog is going to remain with 2 sisters and much more fun stuff to bring ahead. So let’s make Mirlinda feel welcomed by giving her a bunch of likes!! 🙂

Welcome sister!!




Mirlinda is by the way 19, cute, (single) hahaha. She is living a life like all other teenagers with school, soccer practices, friends, fun, family and other everyday stuff.