Delicious Smoothie!

Good morning everyone! This morning I started of with a delicious, healthy smoothie, made of:
1 carrot
1 apple
1 pear
2 ripe peaches
1/2 lemon juice
And added some water to make it thinner. This was on my blender of course. Here it is!


Xo Besa

Coffee & Blogging

Good morning to you all! Starting of my morning with a turkish coffee, and blog update. Catching up with new posts from many great bloggers out there.


Xo Besa

i chOOse healthY

I started of my morning the same way as yesterday, with a walk. Later when I came home I got hungry and made my self a fresh salad  I sat on the balcony, ate, and enjoyed the warm sun…everything on my salad is locally grown. 🙂 Delicious and healthy!

04-16 10.jpg

6 10.jpg


Happy people!!

Good Morning everyone, wherever you are! Even to those where it might be afternoon or night. It is a sunny morning in Tirana, about 5 degrees C, and I have just had my first coffee out on my balcony. It`s funny I woke up this morning with this Albanian song stuck in my head that I just can`t stop singing. I guess waking up singing is a good sign, maybe a great day is awaiting ahead of me, one thing is for sure, I will not settle with anything less 🙂 .Today I`m planning to go out to town on a walk, hopefully be able to take some more great pictures, and even get some fashion inspiration from people in town. I hope you will have a great morning, day, night as well, and don`t let anyone, anything ruin it for you!! Be happy people, go out and spread some positive energy, because you know it affects others as well!! 🙂 . Here is a picture that will make you smile for sure – Besaerandsmile

Walk in forest

BeFunky_treeBeFunky_2013-01-21 10

I was out on a long walk this morning, it was just the perfect weather to be outdoor. It`s amazing how much there is to see out in the nature, there are so many different kinds of trees to look at and enjoy. After having had so much rain lately, which has kept me inside, the outside today felt so liberating. I took some photos that i thought you would enjoy, as much as I did. -B