My outfit today





Dress and shoes

A picture from yesterday, here is my new Maxidress that I bought in H&M, simple but cute with a necklace on 🙂Image

And then I bought me a pair of football shoes. I’m in LOVE!

Image// Mirlinda

Cute outfits


Graduation gifts

How it looked like when I came home.. Alot of gifts (happy girl) 😉Image



 “Good luck in the future – wishing cards”Image

Sooo many flowers.. 🙂ImageBeFunky_IMG_7223.jpg

Cleaning day

Today when I came home from school I went through my things and found old jewelry I had forgotten.ImageImage

I love to keep my jewelry in cute boxes. Here is one of my favourites  🙂 ImageI also went through my shoes, and as you may know I’m a teenager that’s why I have many sneakers haha 😉 (This is not all of my shoes though..)Image



I almost forgot to show you..

My new necklace 🙂 / Mirlinda Image

Shine bright like a diamond ;)


A picture of me I took today.  My necklace is from H&M 🙂 
The weather was really good today and here is a picture I took about 5 minutes ago outside my balcony.Image

Xoxo Mirlinda



besaJust me getting ready to go out to dinner the other night, wearing a black turtleneck sweater by Vince Camuto and a golden necklace by Kate Spade. -Besa



Chloe purse

Chloe purse

I love my Chloe purse, which was a gift from sister, it will be well used. The necklace is from H&M.