New announcement!!

Hi guys! There is something I wanted to share with you today, me and the kids are going on a trip this Monday. We are going to SWEDEN!!! We are so excited, there is going to be Mirlinda`s graduation, my older sister is going to have a baby (hopefully while I`m still there). It`s going to be a family get together at my parents place. I can`t wait. I will be taking lots, and lots of pictures while I`m there and will be posting pretty much about everything worth sharing with you. So I hope you guys will stay tuned to our blog this coming month, because there is going to be a lot of good stuff for you to see and read about. 🙂 🙂 . By the way, I am going to be there from June 3rd – 26th! 🙂

Besa 2012 576

xo Besa

Go Nynäshamn!

Thank you Saturday that you came and brought nice weather with you to Nynäshamn, Sweden 😉 The sun is shining bright, so my plans for today is to go and support the young players in my team who have a game today. Everybody under the age 18 can play, but since I’m 19 now I’m to old to play with them.. On tuesday I have my own game, premier for this season 🙂 Its going to be so much fun 😉
Looove to play soccer!! 🙂Image

XoXo Mirlinda 🙂

Picture time!

Me and my son in Nynashamn, Sweden eating ice cream.jpg



The dream sunset!

The Swedish dream sunset! I took these photos last time I was in Sweden during an afternoon walk. The dark tree silhouettes against the bright water and sky is just perfect. Besa







Flower of life!

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbour, March 2011.

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbor, March 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My dearest, and most beautiful boy! He is wearing a flower at the beach in Nynashamn, Sweden. He is my flower of life! How cute was he here?? Besa









Sweden (Photo credit: loops)



Summer in Sweden

Besa 2012 576


This is a picture of the beautiful Harbor in Nynashamn, Sweden (2012).  My favorite place to spend the time during Summer while in Nynashamn. Lots of ice creams to eat and wine to drink, while soaking up the sun, It can`t get better than that 🙂  BB

More of Sweden

_Besa 2012 213Besa 2012 150Besa 2012 359
Besa 2012 286
Here are a few pictures that I have taken in Nynashamn, of the beautiful Sweden, where I grew up. It is the most beautiful place to be in during Summer. The amazing nature, with green fields and blue lakes and seas and temperature around 25 degrees it`s just perfect for anyone who like to experience just that. The last picture is of my son and was taken by my wonderful sister-in-law Sahara, who happens to live in Sweden. I hope you enjoy!  BB