Photos from Sweden!

Hi guys! Here I am back in good old Albania again. Me and the kids had a wonderfull time in Sweden with my family. We miss them already, but at the same time it was nice to get back home to my hubby. The kids were happy to see their dad as well. So thank you to my wonderfull family for everything we love you and will see you soon when you get down here soon in August! Here are some random pictures for you guys, and there is more to come soon I promise. In mean time take care! 🙂

















Photo credit goes to me, my sister-in-law, and Mirlinda.

One rose at a time!





With love from Sweden! Besa

Spring & Fashion

Spring is here and now more than ever do we just want to be outdoor and enjoy this extra hour of daylight, since the time changed. I am in love with anything that comes out in Spring, flowers, grass, trees blooming, colorful clothing, dresses, sunglasses, smiling faces, streets with people and many, many other things. Here are some beautiful pictures of Spring inspirations.













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It happens once again!




The white in the foreground is cigarette smoke.

29.jpgCigarette smoke coming in front of the camera.

43.jpg 042.jpg 043.jpg1.jpgThe moon was up in the sky as well.



You know how I always tell you guys about my view, I don`t mean to sound like I`m bragging but just look at this. My view today was once again amazing! It felt like I was on top of those white, fluffy clouds. On some of the pictures the cigarette smoke managed to sneak in front of my camera, but It just added some interesting effect to it. Because I live on the 4th floor I am able to capture and enjoy the beauty of the view. I sooo need a better camera though, but it`s coming in a few more months. I really loved taking these photographs! Hope you like them! Besa


Long walk

Wow, I must say every time a go out for a walk I tell myself that I need to do this more often, and somehow I never manage to do it. Silly I know, well I guess it`s been raining a lot lately that`s why I haven`t done it. Anyways, this morning I did go for a long walk, a lot of other people did too, young, old, males, females, overdressed old age men who actually wear some kind of suit and just taking a slow walk with their other old age friend, and talking politics. You`d be amazed how well older people dress here, most of them probably  highly educated, and dress up to maintain that authority and display that personality of some higher character. I don`t even know if I`m expressing my self right but I`m sure you get what I mean. I just Looove the nature, my 1 hour walk felt more like 10 min, just because I was so caught up watching, listening, experiencing and embracing mother nature. Not one second of watching does it look the same, there is so much to enjoy, those trees, the lake and there was even this guy who had climbed up this very high tree, picking these yellow flowers growing on it. I have seen there are a lot of people selling them in town, but I`m not quite sure what they use them for, maybe to make tea or like some kind of herb. I managed to take a picture of that guy on the tree. I hope you can see him on one picture. The photos were taken with my cellphone so I had to edit them a little because of the lower quality camera. Here they are I hope you see what I`m talking about. Enjoy and please let me know if you have any opinion at all..xoxo Besa

BeFunky_201.jpg The very peaceful lake!

BeFunky_2013-02-.jpgBeFunky_InBeFunky_22-15 10

BeFunky_2-02-15 10.jpgBeFunky_2013-02-15 10.jpgBeFunky_2013-02-10

Beautiful! This reminds me to stay grounded! 🙂


Here is the picture with the guy on the tree, can you see him??

BeFu02-15 10.jpgBeFunk02-15 10.jpg

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I saw these sheep, and this adorable baby lamb. They belong to some guy who takes them out everyday. 🙂


A flower had grown, in middle of February???

BeFunk013-02-15 09.jpg

Picture perfect!

Here are some pictures from town!


Art on walls


Unreadable, but nice colors to enjoy!


Someones cute dog, sniffing the wet grass.
door An old door!

holeHole on the ground!


City canal.

I had fun today taking pictures.


Get some rest

BeFunky_IMG_0293My  son knows when to walk and when to rest. This was just the perfect place for him to stop. -Besa