Happy Birthday Daddy!!

It`s my fathers 60th birthday today, and I want to wish him all the best there is in life. I love you daddy, and I am proud to be your daughter!!

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I know he doesn`t look one day over 40!

Xo Besa

Having Visitors!

Afternoon everyone!

I have had the most wonderful Saturday and Sunday ever! Thanks to my parents(Sweden) and uncle who came from Kosovo for a quick visit. There was no time for sitting and writing. I was to busy enjoying their company. It was my parents first time inĀ TiraneĀ  and the LOVED it here. It seemed like the time just flew by, when we had to say goodbye to them earlier today as the left for Kosovo. A little sad but I`m looking at it from the bright side, we are leaving on Tuesday and going to Kosovo and spend the rest of this week there while they are there. Until their trip back to Sweden which is on Saturday morning. Two of the best and fastest flying days in my life! We simply had a magical time together. Here are a few pictures of us from yesterday. And I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well.

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Xoxo Besa