An older picture!

Here is me wearing a black dress ready for fun!


Xo Besa


Original vs B&W

ImageWich one do you prefer? 🙂 
// Mirlinda


In Love!

I`m in love! In love with life, and all that it has to bring to me. I am so ready to receive everything, no matter what it is. 🙂




Cleaning day

Today when I came home from school I went through my things and found old jewelry I had forgotten.ImageImage

I love to keep my jewelry in cute boxes. Here is one of my favourites  🙂 ImageI also went through my shoes, and as you may know I’m a teenager that’s why I have many sneakers haha 😉 (This is not all of my shoes though..)Image



Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle is the best. My room smells  so GOOD from it 🙂 Image



A beautiful picture of our sister Vlora!!




My treasured photos

Here are some photos that I think are worth sharing. These are photos that I have taken.

Tulips in Sweden




Coast side Sweden


Sunset in Tucson, Arizona!

ille 086.millemille _mille 08

Park & Zoo Tucson Arizona.2012

mille 166

Rainbow in Tirana, Albania!

blogg 001

blogg 005

Summer 2012 04  Always follow the light in your life my friends, hope you enjoy my photos! I wanted to give you a small taste of my past through them… Besa (sunset in Albania).



Just a greeting from the writers!

Dressed in black dresses ready to rumble.



What`s life without sisters? I love mine…


My B-day!

I`ts my birthday wohoo, and I woke up getting a massive load of kisses from my two kids…way to start of the morning. We`ll see what else the day will bring about..until later friends..

🙂 xoxo




Looking through the fence!

As I was looking through my pictures I found this picture of the two tigers at the zoo that I have taken through a fence. Then I found another picture that I have previously taken in in the same way but in a different environment. beauty behind the fence must have really struck me ! tigerstigers2tigers3garden

There, now you see what I mean! The tigers are so beautiful no matter what color you put them in. The lower picture is of someones garden in Sweden! Enjoy! BB