Late update!

Hello guys!

Long time no seen! Sorry for being so slow with updating the blog lately, but it`s just it that I have not been up to it, it`s been a lot of time away from the computer and a lot Me time. I just take it easy and enjoy this time being pregnant by listening to my body and fulfill my needs. It is starting to get heavier with the belly now, there are a lot, stronger movements from the baby, it`s still feels amazing though. I`m 32 weeks pregnant now so there are still a few weeks left but I`m doing fine… There is a good news I received recently, and that is that my brother and Mirlinda are coming over to visit with us on January 3rd!! We are all so excited. Hopefully the baby will come then, it`s due Jan. 7th. They are planning to stay here just for a week though and a week in Kosovo. But hey it`s better than not coming at all, right? OK,  I`ll leave you with an inspirational picture to look at for the fall wear By Rachel-Zoe for now, and I say; – Until next time my friends..take care!! 🙂



To soon for Maxis?

I think it`s about time we bring them out, our maxi dresses. I am, because it seems like the warm weather is here to stay. The following week is going to be nothing but shiny sun.  20 plus degrees Celsius seems just perfect to me. Here are some of my favorite Maxi dresses. Hope you`ll find them as beautiful as I do.




Roberto Cavalli Spring 2013







lilac-maxiMy favorite of them all 🙂 looove the color.

Sprin-11Issa London



Issa London



Issa London (another one of my favorites).



Issa London



Issa London



Rachel Zoe







Go R. Zoe!!

la-ar-new-york-fashion-week-spring-summer-Rachel zoe

We all know what a great stylist Rachel Zoe is, but thank God she started designing as well, her collection is simply gorgeous!! This is some of the clothes from her Spring line shown at the New York Fashion week! Hope you get inspired! -B