Under my umbrella


A pic from yesterday.
You can find the dress in H&M 🙂


Rain rain go away!!

Hola!! We’ve had geat sunny weather these last two days, but today it has rained all day! Thats not fun at all! I’m still at my sisters place and we are keeping ourselfs entertained with games, dance, and a bunch of eating. What else can you do on rainy weather like this?


By the way check out my hair color that my best hairstylist aka sister did! She is the best at what she does!! Sorry about the no-make-up-look 🙂


Enjoying my flowers

I`m sitting inside watching it rain, I decided to take a few pictures of my flowers, hope that will cheer me up. Some vibrant colors! Besa



Rain drops are falling!

I`m just sitting here at home with my two boys we have nothing to do, outside it`s raining so we decided to take some shots of the raindrops on our kitchen window. Here they are.




Walk in forest

BeFunky_treeBeFunky_2013-01-21 10

I was out on a long walk this morning, it was just the perfect weather to be outdoor. It`s amazing how much there is to see out in the nature, there are so many different kinds of trees to look at and enjoy. After having had so much rain lately, which has kept me inside, the outside today felt so liberating. I took some photos that i thought you would enjoy, as much as I did. -B