My treasured photos

Here are some photos that I think are worth sharing. These are photos that I have taken.

Tulips in Sweden




Coast side Sweden


Sunset in Tucson, Arizona!

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Park & Zoo Tucson Arizona.2012

mille 166

Rainbow in Tirana, Albania!

blogg 001

blogg 005

Summer 2012 04  Always follow the light in your life my friends, hope you enjoy my photos! I wanted to give you a small taste of my past through them… Besa (sunset in Albania).

Beautiful rainbow

blogg 002blogg 007Want to know where the rainbow starts and ends? Just outside our balcony, this was just yesterday. Seriously magic happens everyday outside our apartment, not one day does it look the same, we get to see and experience all kinds of beautiful natural events, from sunsets, rainbows, snow, beautiful skies anything, you name it we got it. My son was asking me yesterday: ” Is that where the treasure is?” I said: “This IS the treasure” – B