Met Gala 2013

Two days ago New York held the Met Gala 2013. All Hollywoods celebs where there to show off theirĀ punk rockĀ inspired outfits which was the theme of the event. Who do you think did it best, you have a favorite?

Some of the best dressed people in my opinion..

Taylor SwiftImage

The girl to the right. Cara Delevingne
ImageBlake Lively in GUCCI

And here are 3 of those I think was the worst dressed ..

Miley Cyrus in Marc Jacobs, Mary-Kate Olsen in Chanel & Nicole Richie in custom Topshop

// Mirlinda


The Oscar does NOT go to…

Does this woman EVER learn?? I don`t think so! She is on my Worst dressed list- as always. You know what Helena take my advice and use at least a small portion of that money that you earn for a good cause, to invest it in yourself for ONCE! And, you just don`t go to the OSCAR`S dressed LIKE THAT!!…No no…. Besa