Long time ago

Hello there our readers! It’s been a long time ago we updated, I know. But we have been spending time together since my sister Besa came to visit us and I hope you guys understand that.. Actually today was Besa’s last day so she is back in Albania again, or maybe she stays in Kosovo a few days because the plane landed there 🙂

We miss her and the kids already..
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone these last days 🙂

Feeding ducks 🙂

Swedish candy is the best! 😀


// Mirlinda 

Bad update

I know, it have been a very bad uptade from my side, sorry guys! But my biggest sister have been here this weekend so I wanted to spend my time with her and her kids, It have also been so nice weather so we haven’t been home that much.
Hope everyone of you readers are fine!! 🙂

Our harbour in Nynäshamn, Sweden. 


Our little troublemaker Gent!! So cute 🙂 We went to play golf 

Xoxo Mirlinda

Miss the summer!


Dress from Gina TricotImage

The harbour here in Nynäshamn, Sweden where I live. Image, s

Sarandë, Albania

ImageLast summer in Albania.

// Mirlinda

More of Sweden

_Besa 2012 213Besa 2012 150Besa 2012 359
Besa 2012 286
Here are a few pictures that I have taken in Nynashamn, of the beautiful Sweden, where I grew up. It is the most beautiful place to be in during Summer. The amazing nature, with green fields and blue lakes and seas and temperature around 25 degrees it`s just perfect for anyone who like to experience just that. The last picture is of my son and was taken by my wonderful sister-in-law Sahara, who happens to live in Sweden. I hope you enjoy!  BB