A different Continent.

Hello everyone!
It sure has been a long time since my last post. I have had sooo much to do for the last two months. You won’t believe this but we moved, again!!! This time back to the United States again. We sure have had a great time in Albania and Kosovo but we feel like our hearts belong to the US. It was everyone of us’s wish to move back here again. We have finally settled, we have our own place and kids have settled with school and all. It just feels awesome to be back. I was so blessed to be able to spend time with my parents and siblings while in Kosovo. I loved every second with them, and the kids had a blast together. I have so many pictures on my camera I just have to upload them but right now I feel like Blogging isn’t really on my priority list because of so many other things.
I started working at a Dr’s office and I love it there. Anyways I’ll try to post some pictures sometime soon from this summer but in mean time Mirlinda sent me two pictures of her today dressed up for a wedding she was going to. Check out her gorgeous dress and her complete look, she looks adorable. Don’t you think?
I love you all and I’ll try to update you guys soon again with pictures, so take care for now !!



Todays fashion inspo: My sister!!!

My sister and her style is my fashion inspiration, she never stops amaze one with her clothes and charm! Cuddos to you sister!!



And of course, her cute boy seem to go on mommys footprint when it comes to fashion. What is your fashion inspiration today?
X0 Besa

Happiest ever!

Hi guys, here I am with both of my sisters here visiting with us. I feel so blessed to have them here its just so much fun to spend lots of time together. And the kids love it too. Just dropping by to post a picture of me yesterday at the airport waiting for one of the sisters. I think this picture says more than words of just how happy I feel. Don’t you just love get-togethers?? So long for now! 😘 B.


Easter Candy!

Hi guys, I just had my sister here the other day and it was really nice to see her and her newborn son. It was only for a day but it’s better than not seeing her at all. We went to dinner with our hubbys and our boys so I have a few pictures here they are ! And happy Easter to everyone out there !! 🐣😘






XO Besa


Hi everyone! I know it takes some time for us to update you guys with the latest, but the days are now busier and busier. Kids, kids kids. The times are cuite few were I get the opportunity to dress up and flaunt the soon recovered post-baby figure.. It takes some effort and time but I’m getting there πŸ˜€. The need to buy new outfits isn’ nt with me yet as there are those extra lb’s that needs to be shed first. Anyway my sister Vlora is in town with her newborn son, and we are going out for dinner tonight.. So I’ll take some photos and hopefully I can post them soon for you guys to see . In meen time I will leave you with a few selfie, and kids pictures. Ta ta so long my friends. 😘 β˜€οΈ








The pictures are random hope you like them. πŸ˜€

Visiting Albania

Hello guys, as you may know me and my brother are here in Albania visiting Besa.Β At first I want to tell you guys that Besa gave birth yesterday, a very cute little boy namned Lirian. I’m so happy to be his aunt and I wish him all the best in life ❀
Here are some pictures the day before Besa gave birth πŸ™‚Β ImageImageImageImage

My outfit today





My other half, gone for to long!

Hi guys! It`s been way to long since my sister Vlora went on her honeymoon. On September 20th which is the date when she is returning it will be 1 MONTH!! They are in the beautiful Venezuela, enjoying beaches, and seeing a lot of amazing places and attraction there as she is telling. We are used to our daily talks, her phone broke and now lately the only times we talk are occasionally when she has her Ipad charged from her hotel room. She obviously doesn`t have time for anyone else right now but her husband. I get her though, but it seems like we have o much to catch up on when she comes back. Hurry back home now sister. In mean time I`ll leave you with a picture of us two together…





Long time ago

Hello there our readers! It’s been a long time ago we updated, I know. But we have been spending time together since my sister Besa came to visit us and I hope you guys understand that.. Actually today was Besa’s last day so she is back in Albania again, or maybe she stays in Kosovo a few days because the plane landed there πŸ™‚

We miss her and the kids already..
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone these last days πŸ™‚

Feeding ducks πŸ™‚

Swedish candy is the best! πŸ˜€


// MirlindaΒ 

A few hours left

I can’t wait, she is home soon!! We are so exited at home right now, (just so you know that Besa πŸ˜‰ ) Love you & the kids sister!!