Here is a way to accessorize! According to my son, who has found his mom`s drawer full of fun stuff to play around with. Check out the symbol he is making with his hands, that represents the Albanian two-headed eagle that`s on the flag. He is just to cute! Besa


English: Albania's Double-headed Eagle

English: Albania’s Double-headed Eagle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Flower of life!

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbour, March 2011.

Panoramic view from Nynäshamn harbor, March 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My dearest, and most beautiful boy! He is wearing a flower at the beach in Nynashamn, Sweden. He is my flower of life! How cute was he here?? Besa









Sweden (Photo credit: loops)




_Besa 2012 010Here is my son dressed in his school uniform, check out his beautiful blue eyes!  BB

Happy Birthday!!!

happybirthdayIt is now finally Friday, January 25th and today we celebrate our wonderful son Erand on his 3rd birthday. Mommy, daddy and your brother wish you the happiest birthday ever, with many, many more to come! We Love you!!



I love Cameria!


My son with respect to Cameria(which is Albania, including a part that is now in current Greece, which used to belong to Albania, even today albanians live in that part. But today it`s within Greeces borders). Yet today albanians long to get their lost territories back.- B (for more info please look it up) 🙂

Animal encounter

ZooHere is my son, and his wonderful encounter with a little monkey at the Zoo, in Skopje, Macedonia last Summer- B