Oh happy day


My style

This is sooo my style! Love it 🙂

Is this something you whould have choosed? 🙂
Xoxo Mirlinda



ImageOur first game this season and we won with 2-0! 🙂


How Can You NOT Love This??

I mean seriously, how gorgeous are all these by Vince Camuto ? I love the colors, the design everything!!


I love the jumpsuits, I love, love, love them!!


Inspiration pics

Image PImageImageImageImage

Simple & Cute



This was what I made for breakfast, simple and tasty! 🙂

Banana Panncakes
2 eggs + 1 banana , healthy and tastes very good !
You just mix together 1 banana and two eggs so that it becomes a paste, then you fry it 🙂 I ate it with raspberry and cottage cheese.

And this is my Lunch. I went to the Thai-restaurant and ate some thaifood. Yummie! 😉Image



Beach part 1

These are some events from yesterday, my everyday look, work-out look and going out look. We spend the afternoon in Durres, Albania. The kids had fun playing on the sand while me and my hubby enjoyed some wine and dinner, by the beach. It`s this great hotel Majestic who have amazing seafood. We continued with the same thing today, but different place. More pictures to come soon.










English: Albania location Durrës.





Go Nynäshamn!

Thank you Saturday that you came and brought nice weather with you to Nynäshamn, Sweden 😉 The sun is shining bright, so my plans for today is to go and support the young players in my team who have a game today. Everybody under the age 18 can play, but since I’m 19 now I’m to old to play with them.. On tuesday I have my own game, premier for this season 🙂 Its going to be so much fun 😉
Looove to play soccer!! 🙂Image

XoXo Mirlinda 🙂

Steal their style


Poppy Delevigne
Shoes –> H&M
Sunglasses –> ASOS
Jeans –> TOPSHOP
Blouse –> TOPSHOP
Tailored Jacket –> H&M


Cheryl Cole
Jeans –> TOPSHOP
Tailored Jacket –> TOPSHOP
T-shirt –> MANGO
Boots –> ZARA

XoXo Mirlinda