Long time no see

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since the last time I wrote..My inspiration was gone but I will try once again 🙂
Let’s start all over with a outfit picture from today 🙂 // Mirlinda 


Cute outfits


Football in school

Today we had a football tournament in school, me and 5 other girls made a team named “The princesses” and we had pink vests on. It was so hot outside that I think I drank 3 bottles full of water. We unfortunately lost the semi-final on penalties.. And oh, we played against boys.. and our 2 first games we won with 5-0 and 6-0 😉 
We roock!! woop woop.. 🙂

ImageA picture after our second game, my friends were there as my fans haha 😉 

xoxo Mirlinda


Inspiration 2 y’all

ImageXoxo Mirlinda

The sun is shining..



..And I’m getting tanned on my balcony while driniking ice cold orange juice. Aaahh!! Lovley 🙂  Have a nice Friday everybody 😀
xoxo Mirlinda

Go Nynäshamn!

Thank you Saturday that you came and brought nice weather with you to Nynäshamn, Sweden 😉 The sun is shining bright, so my plans for today is to go and support the young players in my team who have a game today. Everybody under the age 18 can play, but since I’m 19 now I’m to old to play with them.. On tuesday I have my own game, premier for this season 🙂 Its going to be so much fun 😉
Looove to play soccer!! 🙂Image

XoXo Mirlinda 🙂

i chOOse healthY

I started of my morning the same way as yesterday, with a walk. Later when I came home I got hungry and made my self a fresh salad  I sat on the balcony, ate, and enjoyed the warm sun…everything on my salad is locally grown. 🙂 Delicious and healthy!

04-16 10.jpg

6 10.jpg


Rainy day

Today it have been raining all day long. I’m home right now laying in my bed and watching One Tree Hill. Have somebody seen it? It’s a teenage serial 🙂 


I just wanna jump up the plane and fly to another place where the sun is shining! 
Bora bora should have been nice 😉 Or…
Image  Phuket, Thailand maybe? 🙂

What a beautiful day!!

Thank you Sweden for bringing us some spring feelings 😀 We don’t need more snow. It’s enough!! 😉 Image

I hope you guys who are reading this blog have a GREAT day 🙂 


Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I woke up this morning by getting the sun right in my face, it has been quite a long time since I experienced that, and boy did I fly of my bed quickly. Amazing what a great effect some sunshine can have on people. I know it does for me. It looks like it`s going to be a clear, warm, around 17 degrees and sunny 🙂 . We need every sun ray that we can get. No more rain please!! Shine on beautiful Sun, I hope you are here to stay!

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Now I`m going to enjoy my coffee and the rest of the day!! xoxo Besa