The sun is shining..



..And I’m getting tanned on my balcony while driniking ice cold orange juice. Aaahh!! Lovley 🙂  Have a nice Friday everybody 😀
xoxo Mirlinda


Oh happy day


Rainy day

Today it have been raining all day long. I’m home right now laying in my bed and watching One Tree Hill. Have somebody seen it? It’s a teenage serial 🙂 


I just wanna jump up the plane and fly to another place where the sun is shining! 
Bora bora should have been nice 😉 Or…
Image  Phuket, Thailand maybe? 🙂

Miss the summer!


Dress from Gina TricotImage

The harbour here in Nynäshamn, Sweden where I live. Image, s

Shine bright like a diamond ;)


A picture of me I took today.  My necklace is from H&M 🙂 
The weather was really good today and here is a picture I took about 5 minutes ago outside my balcony.Image

Xoxo Mirlinda


Sunny day

Today i woke up and saw the wonderful sun shine! I hope the snow melts away, It’s time for the spring to come 🙂



Good Morning everyone! Hope everyone is doing great. I woke up this morning by getting the sun right in my face, it has been quite a long time since I experienced that, and boy did I fly of my bed quickly. Amazing what a great effect some sunshine can have on people. I know it does for me. It looks like it`s going to be a clear, warm, around 17 degrees and sunny 🙂 . We need every sun ray that we can get. No more rain please!! Shine on beautiful Sun, I hope you are here to stay!

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Now I`m going to enjoy my coffee and the rest of the day!! xoxo Besa