My treasured photos

Here are some photos that I think are worth sharing. These are photos that I have taken.

Tulips in Sweden




Coast side Sweden


Sunset in Tucson, Arizona!

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Park & Zoo Tucson Arizona.2012

mille 166

Rainbow in Tirana, Albania!

blogg 001

blogg 005

Summer 2012 04  Always follow the light in your life my friends, hope you enjoy my photos! I wanted to give you a small taste of my past through them… Besa (sunset in Albania).

Me and my nails!

My nails have grown lately, and i can not believe they have lasted this long. They usually chap somewhere and I go and cut them because I can’t stand them like that. So most of the time I keep them short. Lately I don`t know what has happened but they got longer and have not broke yet. I decided to play around and be a little creative with them so I colored my nail tips with a kind of mint green color. The top coat with a pale skin tone color. They came out pretty good, looks almost professionally done 😉  Besa





The minty colored nail polish, the brand has faded so I don`t remember what it was, but I have bought it at Ross in Tucson AZ last year, the other one is Flormar which I bought here in Tirana.