Sunny seaside!

Hi guys! Hope you are doing good and having lots of sun where you live. These last days it’s been nothing else but to pack my beach wear with me and head for the Albanian seacoast. The first day on Monday was just me the kids and my husband. Yesterday I went to Durres and spend the whole day with my cousins and their kids by the beach. We had a blast together, and so did the kids. After that I ended up sleeping over at their apartament by the beach. It was a nice catch- up with them. Today was lunch day with the family and we later headed home for a nice afternoon nap. Here are a few pictures. See ya’ !!

Fresh, locally grown fig.

Chilling by the beach!

Grilled fresh korn!! Sooo good!!

Oh by the way this is my friend Sonia, she is vacationing through Europe and was in Tirana for a day. She is from Sweden. Of course we went out to dinner with her on Monday evening! We had a good time together
Till’ next time my friends!
Xo Besa!


With Love from Milano!

Here is a beautiful picture of Vlora when she was in Milano late last Summer, wearing a cute pink dress and matching ballerinas. Waving hello to everyone!




Sway, sway!

Oher Lake, Macedonia 🙂


We are rocking this boat!!


Wait for us guys!


Almost there!…


We finally made it back guys! You are not rowing this boat again man!

Hahahahha just some humor, it`s cute 🙂 Have a Swaying Weekend!!

XoXo Besa

Sarandë, Albania

ImageLast summer in Albania.

// Mirlinda


Top of the World

I love NY!








My memories from San Francisco CA!




Xoxo Besa

Vacation time!

Butrint, Albania

Butrint, Albania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It`s almost the end of March, that means that it`s just gonna get warmer from now on. It makes me think of where along the Albanians coast I`m going to vacation this Summer. Since I live here now I guess I don`t have to worry that much because I`ll make sure to enjoy the whole coast. I`ve been to Vlore, Sarande, Dhermi, Gjiri i Lalesit, Butrint the historical city which borders with Greece. Where else can I go.? Here are some private pictures of my vacation in Sarande, Butrint Albania! Enjoy! xoxo Besa


Sarande, Albania

Sarande, Albania (Photo credit: G Travels)


Jonufer-Vlore-Albania (Photo credit: Godo-Godaj)


Dhërmi (Photo credit: penarmusaraj)

Napa Valley



How I long back to Napa Valley, and all that wine tasting in warm, sunny weather.!! BB

Sweet life!


As I was going through our blog this morning, my son insisted I should post more pictures of him, so here it is my handsome little guy..He counts his likes. 🙂 (while vacationing in Sarande, Albania) BB