Late View

These are pictures of my pm view yesterday.



Beautiful skies!



Oh happy day



Sway, sway!

Oher Lake, Macedonia 🙂


We are rocking this boat!!


Wait for us guys!


Almost there!…


We finally made it back guys! You are not rowing this boat again man!

Hahahahha just some humor, it`s cute 🙂 Have a Swaying Weekend!!

XoXo Besa



Jag har suttit och tittat igenom lite bilder på datorn och hittade en bild som är tagen från min balkong. Det var solnedgång men det såg verkligen ut som en skogsbrand, väldigt häftigt! 🙂


I was going through some of my pictures, when I found this one taken from my balcony. It is a sunset but it looks like a fire. Really cool! 🙂 Mirlinda







Here it is!!

Here are the pictures from my view on Monday, first it was this greenish light then it became…well just see it your self  🙂 I was stunned! Sorry the low quality, but my camera could only do so much. 🙂 Besa



It happens once again!




The white in the foreground is cigarette smoke.

29.jpgCigarette smoke coming in front of the camera.

43.jpg 042.jpg 043.jpg1.jpgThe moon was up in the sky as well.



You know how I always tell you guys about my view, I don`t mean to sound like I`m bragging but just look at this. My view today was once again amazing! It felt like I was on top of those white, fluffy clouds. On some of the pictures the cigarette smoke managed to sneak in front of my camera, but It just added some interesting effect to it. Because I live on the 4th floor I am able to capture and enjoy the beauty of the view. I sooo need a better camera though, but it`s coming in a few more months. I really loved taking these photographs! Hope you like them! Besa

White snow!

 Good Morning everyone! This is what I woke up to this morning, snowy mountains! 🙂 BB



I wonder how long this will last? 🙂

Lucky girl with the view!

Hey guys! I have been wanting to post more pictures of the view from my apartment, but it was never the right time. So here is more beautiful sunset pictures I have taken. So breathtaking! Hope you enjoy! Besa

BeFunky_Besa 2012 050BeFunky_Besa 2012 053BeFunky_Besa 2012 058BeFunky_Besa 2012 059BeFunky_Besa 2012 063BeFunky_Besa 2012 065 Now tell me are you as lucky as I am to experience these kinds of sunsets as well? Besa

The view!





Check out my beautiful view just about 30 min ago. I ran just on time to capture these pictures before it quickly changed. BB