Sunset fever!

Hi guys! Hope everyone are doing fine, I have been away for some time. Just to spend time with relatives in Kosovo, and wait for my parents to arrive. Now I`m back home again just to take it easy for a few days and then go back again as we have two wedding parties to go to. I promised you guys to post pictures from the sunsets in Vlore, when we were there so here they are.

sunset 1sunset2


Beautiful right? See you soon again!

Xo Besa



Vlore, Albania!

Hi guys! Here are more pictures of our Weekend trip to Vlore a while ago!

Every time I stepped into that clear blue water I just never wanted to get out. It has just that perfect temperature to cool you off when you want to escape from the hot sun.

It was a great mini vacation. I guess we are blessed that we live so close to the coast which gives us the opportunity to explore many of the hidden and untouched places here by the Albanian coast. Every Weekend we`ll have a new place to go to. My parents are coming in less than two weeks, to vacationing here in the Albanian coast. That gives us another reason to go visit them there and explore another new place!

vlore albaniavlore albania2vlore a3


There are more to come, of the sunsets!

xo Besa



Vacation time!

Butrint, Albania

Butrint, Albania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It`s almost the end of March, that means that it`s just gonna get warmer from now on. It makes me think of where along the Albanians coast I`m going to vacation this Summer. Since I live here now I guess I don`t have to worry that much because I`ll make sure to enjoy the whole coast. I`ve been to Vlore, Sarande, Dhermi, Gjiri i Lalesit, Butrint the historical city which borders with Greece. Where else can I go.? Here are some private pictures of my vacation in Sarande, Butrint Albania! Enjoy! xoxo Besa


Sarande, Albania

Sarande, Albania (Photo credit: G Travels)


Jonufer-Vlore-Albania (Photo credit: Godo-Godaj)


Dhërmi (Photo credit: penarmusaraj)