Long time ago

Hello there our readers! It’s been a long time ago we updated, I know. But we have been spending time together since my sister Besa came to visit us and I hope you guys understand that.. Actually today was Besa’s last day so she is back in Albania again, or maybe she stays in Kosovo a few days because the plane landed there 🙂

We miss her and the kids already..
Here are some pictures that I took with my phone these last days 🙂

Feeding ducks 🙂

Swedish candy is the best! 😀


// Mirlinda 

Football in school

Today we had a football tournament in school, me and 5 other girls made a team named “The princesses” and we had pink vests on. It was so hot outside that I think I drank 3 bottles full of water. We unfortunately lost the semi-final on penalties.. And oh, we played against boys.. and our 2 first games we won with 5-0 and 6-0 😉 
We roock!! woop woop.. 🙂

ImageA picture after our second game, my friends were there as my fans haha 😉 

xoxo Mirlinda


Bad update

I know, it have been a very bad uptade from my side, sorry guys! But my biggest sister have been here this weekend so I wanted to spend my time with her and her kids, It have also been so nice weather so we haven’t been home that much.
Hope everyone of you readers are fine!! 🙂

Our harbour in Nynäshamn, Sweden. 


Our little troublemaker Gent!! So cute 🙂 We went to play golf 

Xoxo Mirlinda

Oh happy day


Rainy day

Today it have been raining all day long. I’m home right now laying in my bed and watching One Tree Hill. Have somebody seen it? It’s a teenage serial 🙂 


I just wanna jump up the plane and fly to another place where the sun is shining! 
Bora bora should have been nice 😉 Or…
Image  Phuket, Thailand maybe? 🙂

Miss the summer!


Dress from Gina TricotImage

The harbour here in Nynäshamn, Sweden where I live. Image, s

Workout inspiration

Jag ska börja lägga upp motiverings bilder till dom som tycker om att träna. Jag själv spelar fotboll 3 gånger i veckan och försöker resterande dagar träna på gymmet. Så jag kommer lägga upp bilder på mig och bilder på andra för att få så många som möjligt att bli motiverade. Jag kommer även fortsätta lägga upp bilder på allt nyttigt jag äter!

Nu kör vi mina underbara bloggläsare, det här gör jag för er! 🙂

I`m going to start posting motivating pictures to people that like to work out. Me myself practice soccer 3 times weekly, and the rest of the days I try to go to the gym. I`m going to post pictures of me and others working out just to motivate people. i`m going to post about everything nutritious that I eat. Let`s do this, it`s all for you my wonderful blog readers 🙂