Pictures says it all!

Hi guys, hope u r all well. We have had the worst weather in the last 3 weeks. It has been pouring rain finally today the sun was able to peak out a little. I took the advantage and headed out for a walk with the stroller.. It felt really nice. I wanted to post a few pictures from lately hope you like em. ..

A picture Mirlinda sent to me of Nynäshamn, Sweden

My sisters stylish son.

Mirlinda and Leksander

Lola the fashion lady(sister) with newly done hair.

Me and my baby

My stylish baby
As you can see many sisters with many babies we are just so blessed!
Til next time my seeethearts!

Fantastic Features!

Hello guys! Hope you are all doing fine, wherever you are. Weather you are on a sunny place  or cold, snowy place, or on a place like where I am at where it`s neither cold or warm around 10 degrees. It would have been nice with snow  to be honest but 0  degrees is as cold as it can get here in Tirana, Albania with NO snow 😦 . Anyways I felt like it was a while ago since I shared some photos that I have  taken with you. This time I want to share with you a photo of a beautiful, special little girl who is a family member, and has the most amazing face to photograph. Her most stunning feature is  her Eyes. I`m sure you`ll see what I am talking about. Oh her real eye color is blue in case you are wondering. Let me know if you think she is amazing too… lots of love to every one! Besa





Fur inspiration

I love when it gets colder outside and everybody starts wearing jackets with fur. Here are some inspiration pics that I liked and wanted to share with you guys 🙂 
What do you think?


The sun is shining..



..And I’m getting tanned on my balcony while driniking ice cold orange juice. Aaahh!! Lovley 🙂  Have a nice Friday everybody 😀
xoxo Mirlinda

Sunny day

Today i woke up and saw the wonderful sun shine! I hope the snow melts away, It’s time for the spring to come 🙂



My trip to Kosovo!

The NEWBORN obelisk at the kosovo declaration ...

The NEWBORN obelisk at the Kosovo declaration of Independence (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, remember I told you  I was in Kosovo over the weekend and was supposed to come back on Sunday? A well we came back today instead, some things came up and we stayed for an extra day. It was mostly family get-together-time. We hadn`t been there in 2 months, since new year.

So I took  some pictures during the trip but only from the car,  we couldn`t stop mainly because it was raining and the second because my husband had a meeting he had to get to in Kosovo so he had to drive a little faster than usual. Here are some pictures…


One old church in the city Milot

One old church in the city Milot

A beautiful lake in Kukes

A beautiful lake in Kukes

The newly built 5.8 km long tunnel

The newly built 5.8 km long tunnel

On Kosovos ground

On Kosovos ground

Destination prishtina

Destination Prishtina


Two flags but the same people!

Two flags but the same people!

Flags all over the place

Flags all over the place

This was what the kids wanted to eat as soon as they got back home. Crepes with Nutella

This was what the kids wanted to eat as soon as they got back home. Crepes with Nutella

So it was a brief summary of it. I will show you pictures of this amazing view we had today, OMG is all that I can say for now. I`ll upload them tomorrow until then, take care my friends! Besa


Rain drops are falling!

I`m just sitting here at home with my two boys we have nothing to do, outside it`s raining so we decided to take some shots of the raindrops on our kitchen window. Here they are.




White snow!

 Good Morning everyone! This is what I woke up to this morning, snowy mountains! 🙂 BB



I wonder how long this will last? 🙂


manwithnewspaperI was for a walk in the city today, just because I felt like I needed one. It was a little cloudy, and eventually it started raining a little. I never like to get wet in the rain, but this rain was  just fine, it didn`t bother me at all.. I did some window shopping, and was trying to find something to buy for my husband for Valentine`s day, but I could not decide what to get him. I`ll have to keep looking. At one moment I spotted this man reading his paper, I was a little to far from him, so I had to zoom in with my camera to capture this nice picture of him. Later during the day I took my kids out to play, and on our way home we saw this cat climbing up on a tree, it was running away from this dog that was chasing it. I had my camera and took a couple of pictures of the cat-on-the-tree, the kids loved it.



Happy people!!

Good Morning everyone, wherever you are! Even to those where it might be afternoon or night. It is a sunny morning in Tirana, about 5 degrees C, and I have just had my first coffee out on my balcony. It`s funny I woke up this morning with this Albanian song stuck in my head that I just can`t stop singing. I guess waking up singing is a good sign, maybe a great day is awaiting ahead of me, one thing is for sure, I will not settle with anything less 🙂 .Today I`m planning to go out to town on a walk, hopefully be able to take some more great pictures, and even get some fashion inspiration from people in town. I hope you will have a great morning, day, night as well, and don`t let anyone, anything ruin it for you!! Be happy people, go out and spread some positive energy, because you know it affects others as well!! 🙂 . Here is a picture that will make you smile for sure – Besaerandsmile