About Besa&Mirlinda


We are two sisters as you can see, that are very alike in personality, and in taste, and a lot of times people ask us if we are twins, so we guess that we are alike in looks as well. And no we are not twins! ๐Ÿ™‚ We enjoy the goodness of life, such as traveling, meeting new people, reading good books, taking pictures wherever we go, especially me Besa ๐Ÿ™‚ since I love Photography. We love fashion and shopping (once Vlora wanted to buy 6 purses at once, but she finally settled with 3,ย when I somehow managed to convince her). We get many compliments about our clothing style, so we decided to share a little of how we like to dress and post pictures of what kind of clothes we like so those who like our style could follow us here. We blog from two different Countries. Besa from Albania, and Vlora from Sweden. We have crossed many Continents throughout the world, USA, Australia, Mexico and many other places in Europe so sometime we will post pictures from our past and our present everyday life. So hopefully you now know a little about who we are. And please feel free to share anything concerning our blog with us. We love to get responses. ๐Ÿ™‚ .The posts will mostly be written in English, butย occasionally in Swedish, and a little in Albanian as well. We want to reach to as many different people as possible, it makes it more interesting. So You enjoy, and let Us take care of the restย …xoxoย Besa&Vlora

(Vlora is no longer part of the blog unfortunately, the new addition to the blog is our other sister Mirlinda. Vlora`s picture is still here since there is a story to how this blog started).



bild 4-1










lindaย  Mirlinda, a 19 year old girl who keeps herself busy with school, friends, soccer, family and other fun stuff. She is the youngest sister in the family but has a passion just like her other two sisters for fashion. Her style is fun, sporty, street and chic. She will bring us a fresh view of a young girls life…

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