Christmas Nail Art

A little cute inspiration .. 🙂


Last week in pictures


I got my nails done..
My big sis made a beautiful braid on me 🙂
Had a cosy day with my friend 🙂


And another great night with my other friend !! 😉


And this is me right now, tired after a shopping day with my brother and sister in law. 
Hope u all have a great day and a fun weekend 🙂
Xoxo Mirlinda

Red Nailpolish

I just love the red color on nails. It’s just so fancy!! Put one or a several rings on your fingers and you will shine bright with your red inspired nails 🙂
Here are som pictures I found that inspired me. Hope you guys like them 🙂 / Mirlinda


Inspiration 2 y’all

ImageXoxo Mirlinda


En bild på mig ifrån idag och dagens tips från mig.. Piffa till naglarna eller ha någon snygg färg såsom lila när våren är påväg. Våga trixa lite med dom, det är sjukt snyggt 😀


A picture of me from today. Todays tip do your nails, I like purple, dare to play around with colors.



My nails!

Check out how cute these “flowers” came out on my nails just by dutting on the color with a  q-tip! Fun and easy.  🙂  Besa

3-15 18.jpg2.jpg




Me and my nails!

My nails have grown lately, and i can not believe they have lasted this long. They usually chap somewhere and I go and cut them because I can’t stand them like that. So most of the time I keep them short. Lately I don`t know what has happened but they got longer and have not broke yet. I decided to play around and be a little creative with them so I colored my nail tips with a kind of mint green color. The top coat with a pale skin tone color. They came out pretty good, looks almost professionally done 😉  Besa





The minty colored nail polish, the brand has faded so I don`t remember what it was, but I have bought it at Ross in Tucson AZ last year, the other one is Flormar which I bought here in Tirana.