Fridays` fun!

Today my son was of from school so we headed for town. It was a nice mother-son bonding time. We walked I think through the whole Tirana. It was nice, sunny weather with a lot of people outside. The coffee places were over filled as always. Nobody in the world takes coffee time so seriously as the Albanians. They really value social time with friends/girlfriends/boyfriends here. Here are some pictures me and my son took today. Hope you have a wonderful Friday! And a big shout-out to my most wonderful sister-in-law Sahara for it is her birthday today!! 🙂 🙂16505422165813

images (21)Happy B-day Sahara!!

xoxo Besa



Stockholm City

Igår åkte jag in till Stockholm med klassen för att besöka Stockholms Universitet. Vi va där på några föreläsningar och sedan åkte jag och mina vänner inn till butikerna i stan för att hitta en present till min bror som fyllde år. Fick även med mig ett par snygga slitna stuprörsjeans hem som kommer passa riktigt snyggt nu när våren är påväg till Sverige! 🙂


Yesterday I was in Stockholm with my class to visit Stockholm University. We were there on lectures, and afterwards me and  my friends went into the stores to find a birthday gift to my brother, I bought these faded, skinny jeans that are perfect for the Spring.



My weekend!

Wow this weekend has been a busy one. On Saturday, as you have already seen it was my birthday which we ended up celebrating with some family friends/relatives of my husband`s. They are in their 30`s as well and have 3 children. First we made sure the kids would have their dosage of fun by taking them to their favorite playground and afterwards we went to dinner, the whole crew. We went to this restaurant where they serve traditional Albanian food, and wine to accomplish the dinner with :). After that we ended at our place for the cake and they sang the happy birthday song to me and I got to blow a candle and make a wish. It was my birthday after all. Lately I have felt like eating cake is all I have been doing. First my sons B-day, two cakes there, then one for V-day, now one for my birthday.. Today on Sunday, it was Kosovo`s 5th year of independence! Happy independence day to my birth Country!! Yep I am Albanian, born in Kosovo, grew up in Sweden, lived in USA and am now living in Albania, some life journey right? Anyways, so we ended up going out again with the kids and our friends/relatives and had a wonderful early evening dinner. It was just wonderful, we had so much fun chit-chatting and the kids could go outside and play, because the restaurant was at the beach. Another thing that we are celebrating today is my little sister Mirlinda turning 19. So happy B-day darling!!!!! I took a few pictures of some gifts I received  too. Hope you had a lovely weekend too!! Besa

BeFunky_shoes 030.jpgBeFunky_shoes 027.jpg

BeFunky_shoes 011.jpg

We also ate lots of fresh strawberries that my husband brought us, which we grow our self here in Albania and sell and export.

BeFunky_shoes 022.jpg

My Swarovsky crystal jewelery set that I received from my husband 🙂

BeFunky_shoes 039.jpgTwo beautiful scarfs

BeFunky_shoes 041.jpg

Pajamas from Goldenpoint and scented candle set.

BeFunky_shoes 034.jpg

My chocolate mousse cake!

I think that`s it!! 🙂 🙂


My B-day!

I`ts my birthday wohoo, and I woke up getting a massive load of kisses from my two kids…way to start of the morning. We`ll see what else the day will bring about..until later friends..

🙂 xoxo




Starting of the right way!

Good Morning! Today is an exciting day for me and the kids. Their dad is coming home from his trip to Germany and Portugal, he has been gone for 6 days now. Even the sun seems to be shining brighter 🙂 . The day is starting of perfectly, and the kids are waking up smiling. It`s all positive energy!!  It`ll be perfect, we all get together just on time for VD( Valentine`s Day) and it happens to be my B-day on the 16th, the age thing we don`t need to go into that haha. Anyways, I love when the days start of this way, because they usually end in the same way. Have a terrrrific day everyone, remember to be present and bless the small things in your life, because they are the most valuable ones. Peace/ Besa


A brief summary of pictures.

BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 052BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 088BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 064
BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 065BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 040BeFunky_Erandi B-day 3 020

Today was a long wonderful day, filled with Love and appreciation for our son Erand. He had a great day celebrating his birthday with friends and family. He sang, danced, and laughed all day, may his life always be in that way! We LOVE you Erand!!


erandibdayHere is the birthday Prince, getting ready to go and celebrate with his friends at the daycare!-BB

Happy Birthday!!!

happybirthdayIt is now finally Friday, January 25th and today we celebrate our wonderful son Erand on his 3rd birthday. Mommy, daddy and your brother wish you the happiest birthday ever, with many, many more to come! We Love you!!


Sneak peek!

Here is a sneak peek of the amazing cakes that were made for my son for tomorrow by the bakery called “Cialda” in Durrës, Albania. Those yummy strawberries are grown by no other than our own family business “Allberry” here in Albania.(we provide the bakery, among others with fresh strawberries). Everything was bought right on time, for tomorrow morning. More pictures will be posted then, – BB
BeFunky_New 018BeFunky_New 021BeFunky_New 017

Today is a buisy day

Tomorrow is my sons 3rd birthday, so today we are going to pick up his two cakes, one for his daycare where he will calebrate with his friends, and the other one for the family. He is really excited about it and takes his birthday really seriously.He has been telling everyone now how old he will be, by pointing 3 fingers up. He even picked his own theme for the cakes, Tom&Jerry for the daycare, and Spongebob for home. There will be candles, balloons,and other ornaments ivolved. I will make sure to take plenty of pictures and post tomorrow.kort BB.